Kitui County Chief Finance Officer kicked out of her office.


June Munyao who has been acting as the Chief Finance Officer in Kitui County was on Wednesdsy morning kicked out of her office by a group of unknown officers accompanied by angry youths.

These were alleged to be officers send by the Kitui county Government office to go and forcefully kick her out of the office.

It is alleged that these officers were send by County Government Office in conjunction with other alliances which were against the leadership of the former Kitui Governor H.E Julius Malombe.

Wednesday last week,the finance officer had refused the plan of going on a terminal leave which was planned to all Chief Executive Officers of the county government. On her reply to the leave letter that was sent to her office from the county headquarters, she insisted that she was the duly acting officer by law and that she was not ready to take the leave.
Our sources got information from the current Governor Ngilu close allies that Madam June Munyao was keenly focused on retaining her office despite the the tenure of office of her boss Governor Malombe having come to an end after August general elections when incumbent governor emerged victorious winner against her competitors who were eyeing the same seat.
It was reported that a group of county government officers and youths stormed to her office on Wednesday morning aiming at throwing her out of the office .

The group was said to be unarmed but constantly sang songs which were meant to terrorise her to leave her office.Since she could not withstand the pressure from within from the angry youth who sorrounded her office,she left the office atfer a couple of minutes struggling with the protesters who wre sgainst her after noticing that they were not ready to relent.The youths tightly locked the office after she had left for her safety.They accused her of reporting to her duty normally for duration of a week despite the issuance of terminal leave by thr county government a week before.

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