Condomized: I Always Carry Condoms In My Wallet, Confesses Hon Ndoo


Township MCA Anthony Ndoo today shocked and equally amused the residents of Katulani in Mulango Ward when he publicly confessed that he always carries condoms in his wallet.

“I always carry at least two condoms in my wallet because you never know when the craving strikes. It’s advisable to stay armed just in case so as to avoid regrets because AIDS is real and you cannot afford to fool around,” he told the bedazzled crowd.

Ndoo revealed that a past experience in the hands of perverted carjackers prompted him to pick the “rubbery” habit.

“We were carjacked one day and forced to have sex with one another at gunpoint. Luckily, there was this female passenger who had condoms in her handbag.

“That woman saved the day because the incident could have ruined our lives in case one of us had the virus. I swore to never move around without a condom at hand,” he narrated.

Hon. Ndoo made the unexpected revelation as he emphasized the importance of practising safe and responsible sex which he termed as key to mitigating the brunt of HIV/AIDS pandemic, not only in Kitui County but also the rest of Kenya.

The MCA, who also chairs the County Assembly’s health committee, further urged all men and women to follow suit.

He told them that there is nothing to be of when they carry the “safety gear” with them and said doing so indeed demonstrated that one has taken charge of their life.

He was addressing this year’s World Aids Day celebrations held at Katulani centre and graced by Governor Charity Ngilu and Senator Enoch Wambua among other county leaders and executive officers.

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