Ngilu in radical war against HIV/Aids Scourge in Kitui County


By Munyasya Musya | Barrack Muli

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu today promised to set off a radical war against the Aids scourge in a bid to reduce the incidence of Aids related deaths and the disease prevalence in the county.

Speaking today at Katulani Trading Centre during festivities to mark World Aids Day in the county, Mrs Ngilu said she does not countenance more deaths and rising infections in the county noting that her government will do everything to tackle the disease.

She called on residents to go out in large numbers for testing and counselling adding that her government had delivered adequate retroviral for the sick and condoms for disease prevention.

“Please go for testing and get drugs. I do not want to hear any more deaths from Aids because I have delivered drugs and doctors to all hospitals”, said Mrs Ngilu.

Noting that that the disease was predominantly among the age groups of 15-24, Mrs Ngilu challenged parents to fearlessly counsel their children about all the disease prevention methods.

“I decided to parade doctors to clearly demonstrate the use of condoms to help all prevent infection. I will henceforth ensure that condom dispensers are strategically placed for use”, she said.

Noting that promiscuity was a modern day reality, the Governor advised married couples living away from their spouses due to work circumstances to encourage and allow each other to keep condoms in case they found themselves in tempting situations.

Kitui Senator Enock Wambua, Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau and a host of Members of Kitui County Assembly also called for concerted efforts to reduce the effects of the scourge in the county.

They called for change of sex behaviour among all social groups adding that everyone was aware of the dangers of the scourge to the socio-economic welfare of the county.

Health and Sanitation County Executive Rosaita Ngina said the HIV/Aids prevalence rate in Kitui county current stood at 4.4 per cent rising from 4.3 per cent in 2013.

The County Government of Kitui chose to mark the World Aids Day a day after the rest of the country held the annual event.

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