Drama Moses Roughs Up Ngilu Minister


Drama ensued in the County Land’s Executive’s office last week after
Kitui Youth Movement’s Moses Munyalo roughed up the minister
Eng. Jacob Kakundi for making him queue.

Trouble started after Eng. Kakundi told the ever-ballistic Munyalo,
popularly known as Mose or ‘Chairman wa Pressure’, to sit at the
waiting bay and wait for his turn just like everybody else, KituiOnline has established.

It is at this point that the Moses, who apparently expected preferential treatment given his position in Ngilu team, lost his cool and stormed the office, reached for the minister over the table and held him by the collar while shaking him vigorously.

All the while Mose ranted about how the minister failed to accord him
the ‘respect he deserved’ owing to his supposed ardent support for
Governor Charity Ngilu and her development agenda for Kitui, according to reliable sources.

Munyalo could be heard jabbering that not even Ngilu herself could
make him queue if he went to see her in the governor’s office.

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“Who do you think you are to make me wait? I don’t need an appointment to meet Ngilu or any of you dumb ministers. I am going to show you who I am,” he fumed as he dragged the helpless Kakundi around the confined office space.

It took the intervention of Kakundi’s office mates to separate them and quell the violent confrontation which lasted for close to twenty minutes.

The arrogant Street activist promised the county executive of more “dose” unless he behaves himself and walked out of the office unperturbed by the shameless act he had just perpetrated.

The melee wreaked serious panic and confusion at the office block as
some clients could be seen scampering for safety.

The unfortunate incident has attracted serious condemnation from other
youth leaders including Yoana Kimwele who have termed Munyalo’s
conduct as unbecoming and unworthy of a leader like him.

“What he did is regrettable and cannot be condoned among youth leaders who are expected to act with utmost decorum. He should unreservedly apologise to the minister and the county administration at large,” averred Mr Kimwele.

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