Men are the custodians of commitment, while women are the custodians of sex.


By Cyprian Is Nyakundi

Sex is freely/readily available, commitment is hard to find.

It is men who have more value to relationships, contrary to feminist-dominated media narratives.

Population numbers show that there are more women than men in the country.

Men have always had the power, but the bombardment of fem-centric sentiment have seen them emasculated.

Why can’t men listen to me and stop listening to Maina Kageni? Let’s boycott Classic FM and all its feminist crap. Boycott The Trend which elevated commercial sex workers from obscurity and turned them into “entrepreneurs” .

We have to make bold moves, which are not for the faint-hearted. This is not a time to be weak.

Don’t send that MPesa to a woman, when your homie is broke. Don’t buy that bitch a drink at Kiza or B-Club, when your mum is at home struggling.

Please gentlemen, we have to be serious now.

Give a blackout and go silent on any woman over 27 that you’ve been chasing. Just stop immediately. Radio silence. You will see the results in due course.

Anytime you feel the urge to text or call them, log into Facebook and read comments on this wall. They’ll give you strength in this journey of male emancipation.

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