Pursue your ambitions, Ngilu tells Secretaries


Mombasa, December 7, 2017

KITUI Governor Kaluki Ngilu today urged secretaries to sustain ambitions to climb to the top possible positions in leadership.

Speaking in Mombasa at during the National Symposium for Office Administrators organized by Kenya National Secretaries Association (KENASA), Mrs. Ngilu posed: “Without ambition we are nothing. Fellow secretaries, fellow office administrators, do you have ambition?”

She went on; “To begin from here and climb to the top, you’ve got to have something called ambition. Ambition sounds very commonplace, but that is what drives the world and makes it into what it is.

Governor Ngilu gave a brief history of how she climbed to the top, from a trained secretary at the Central bank of Kenya, to her current position as the current Governor of Kitui County.  “I worked as a secretary for six years, I served four terms as Member of Parliament for Kitui Central, served ten years as Minister in three different Ministries.

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