President Kenyatta did not win Elections, asserts Kitui Governor Ngilu



KITUI, December 10th, 2017: Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu yesterday called for political sanity in Kenya stating that injustices resulting from electoral malpractices were hurting the country and a hindrance towards achieving a better Kenya for all.

Mrs Ngilu said the country cannot move forward with a leadership that took the reins of power through a fraudulent electoral process.

Mrs Ngilu was speaking yesterday in Matulani village in Yatta/Kwa Vonza Ward in Kitui Rural Constituency during the burial of Mr Jeremiah Kisangau Kiema, the father of the area MCA John Kisangau.

Mrs Ngilu was reacting to sentiments by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi who called on the Kamba community to support the Jubilee government in order to foster peace and development in the country.

“We can say let us move forward. But let me tell you the country is hurting. It is hurting because we know very well that the person who took the bible and swore did not win the elections this year. He should not have done that”, said Ngilu.

Mr Sudi said NASA leader Raila Odinga should negotiate and agree with President Kenyatta for the sake of peace and development in Kenya.

He said Mr Odinga sold his birthright for State House when he relinquished Narc leadership to former President Kibaki in 2002 and by boycotting the Otocber 26 General elections.

“Raila gave up and so sold his State House birth right to former President Mwai Kibaki at Sagana. He also boycotted the last elections. So I request him as a lover of justice who wishes Kenya well to negotiate with Uhuru Kenyatta” said Mr Sudi.

The Kitui Governor said President Kenyatta was trounced in the August Elections by NASA leader Raila Odinga and heaped praise on his ability to propel Kenya forward.

“And for that reason we will continue to remind Uhuru Kenyatta that he was defeated solely and squarely by Raila Amollo Odinga. That is a man who can take this country forward”, she said.

Noting that peace was not tenable in circumstances of injustice and suffering, Mrs Ngilu said the Jubilee leadership was bad adding that time had come for Kenyans to put the country first and ignore the interests of a few people.

“We don’t want to be told we want peace… peace without food, peace in poverty, peace with children who don’t go school, peace without water, peace where top brass eat while the lowly suffer hunger. Keep that peace”, said Governor Ngilu.

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau said more than half the Kenyan electorate did not vote adding that the oathing of NASA leader Raila Odinga would proceed as scheduled.

Kitui County Assembly Majority Leader Peter Kilonzo asked leaders and Kenyans to face the challenge and sort out the political mess in the country instead of pretending the country was in the right track.

“If there is a time Kenyans were confused it is now. We have Jamhuri Day on 12th but at same time there is the NASA oathing. We must ask ourselves questions and stop pretending things are good. Some quarters think we are the on the right track but the truth is we are not OK” said the Athi Ward MCA.

The late Jeremiah Kisangau was a long serving Hansard Editor who retired in 2015 after a 36-year stint at the Parliamentary Hansard.

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