Kitui medic goes berserk, attacks his boss over transfer


    Drama erupted at Kitui County Referral Hospital on Monday after a troublesome clinical officer went berserk and viciously attacked his boss in protest of a job transfer.

    Health workers and patients seeking treatment at the facility were treated to a rare spectacle after the medic, John Mwalya, lost his temper and jumped Ag. Health Chief Officer Evans Mumo at the hospital’s administration block.

    KituiOnline has established that the medic was spotted entering Dr. Mumo’s office fuming and with his fists clenched moments before the morning slugfest.

    They two are said to have had a bitter exchange before Mwalya, without warning, grabbed his boss tossed him to a corner and gave him a beating of his life.

    The clinical officer could be heard shouting that he would teach the CO an unforgettable lesson for allegedly orchestrating his transfer from the major health facility.

    He said would only accept the contentious transfer over his dead body and was ready to deal with whoever contemplated making him leave his current work station.

    Overwhelmed, helpless could hardly defend himself from the heavy blows rained by his assailant prompting him to shout for help.

    Swift intervention by medical staff in nearby offices saw the badly battered senior medic rescued from his seething junior.

    It is claimed that the transfer was part of disciplinary action against the clinical officer following his unbecoming conduct at place of work.

    A reliable source at the hospital revealed that the medic, who is known for his penchant for trouble, is notorious for absconding duties besides harassing his colleagues while bragging about his being “untouchable”.

    According to a petition raised by his colleagues (doctors, nurses and clinical officers) from across Kitui, the officer ends up being rejected in every station he gets posted to due gross misconduct.

    Dr. Mumo immediately reported the assault to the police under OB number 25/11/12/2017 as investigation into the incident commenced.

    In the past, Mwalya is said to have faced criminal charges for assaulting the former hospital’s Medical Superintendent, a Dr. Owino, our sources have indicated.

    Besides, the ballistic clinical officer is currently facing another assault suit filed by Madam Brigid, a secretary with the County Government.

    Among the cases still pending in court is criminal suits number 749/2015 and 61/2015

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