Ngilu Defies Jamhuri Fete, Opts Public Participation


Governor Charity Ngilu unheeded the usual Jamhuri fete attitude of celebrations and opted to visit different areas in the county to explore the conditions of the farms and dialogue with the residents on the way forward for the county.

Addressing residents of Nzambani, Kisasi and Mbitini areas today, the Governor said that the poor levels health, infrastructure and disturbing water scarcity in the country implored no need for celebrations and challenged the national government to reconsider their priorities.

She decried the millions of money spent in such occasions while the common man continued to agonize in poverty, disease and underdevelopment and heeded that time was right for change.

“I see no need to join such celebrations while my people lack the basic needs as leaders disregard their plight” she said.

The governor chatted broadly the various approaches her government would embrace henceforth and urged Members of the County Assembly to approve her development policies to help her realize the campaign manifesto fully.

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“I am glad a good portion of MCAs are here, I beseech them to support me fully and help me deliver to the people of Kitui” said Ngilu.

She challenged them to allocate considerable amount of budget for the water sector alluding that water availability was key towards ensuring food availability in the county.

Ngilu challenged leaders to unite and help eliminate poverty among the people and urged the national government to deliver real change to the people.

“The leadership in this country has failed, we must stop the poverty talk and show worthy leadership” Ngilu said.

She reiterated her commitment to delivering fully in the areas of growth among them water, health and wealth creation to ensure sustainable development and a paradigm shift on the economic status of the people.

Also present in the event, Deputy Governor Dr. wathe Nzau said that the County Government is committed to fighting poverty and raise the living standards of the people.

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Kitui Deputy Speaker Hon. Kasee Musya said that the MCAs will support the executive deliver by approving beneficial plans that directly touch the lives of the common man to improve the living standards of Kitui people.

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