Keep off proceedings, Judge oders Malombe’s wife


A Nairobi High Court today ordered Malombe’s wife Edith Mawia Malombe to keep off court proceedings in petition that Dr Malombe has petitioned challenging Mama Ngilu’s win in the past polls.

Edith attracted the attention of the court when the former Kitui First Lady tried to answer questions to senior counsel Kioko Kilukumi when Malombe was responding to queries by the Senior Counsel.

Responding to the counsel’s concern, Malombe told the court that his wife is a meer of the court owing to the fact that she is a lawyer.

Lady Justice Nyamweya ultimately directed that she steps away from the proceedings and in due course stop issuing written papers to Malombe.

The Court further demanded that Governor Malombe be responding to questions directly for the reason that he is the petitioner.

The hearing of the petition continues.

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