Kitui Leadership Holds Consultative Talks.


The County Executive and Members of County Assembly of Kitui County have held their first formal forum at Flamingo Resort in Mombasa County.The summit was officially opened today Friday, December 15 th by the Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau.

The conference has brought together County Assembly Speaker, MCAs.,County Public Service Board and the Senior Staff of both executive and assembly.

The agenda of the forum was to explore various ways of creating synergy to deliver services to people of Kitui .The meeting shall also host experienced consultants to elaborate more about the roles of each arm of government.Other agendas expected to be discussed are provision of clean water,improving health care and wealth creation.

The Deputy Governor said that the fate of M.C.As and the County Government was tied up together and would be determined by how jointly the two arms would discharge their responsibilities to the people of Kitui County.

Making his opening remarks at the Joint Consultative Workshop ,the Assembly Speaker Hon. Ndoto clearly outlined the need for the establishment of good relationship between the three arms of county government. He also emphasized the need for clear understanding of distinction between their roles and duties so as to avoid clashes among them.

“Even as we understand our respective roles, we must work together.The people of Kitui County are watching us.Their eyes and ears are facing us and therefore we need to commit to the objectives of our meeting to bring to the lives of our people” Hon. Ndoto said.

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