Kibwana Discloses Wiper Plans to Abandon Raila To Focus on 2022


The burial of the former Kitui West Francis Nyenze on 19/12/2017 was a political podium that revealed a lot in Kenyan politics. Of great interest was the speech made by interim Wiper Chairman Prof Kivutha Kibwana in the light of status of the NASA politics. Interestingly, Kalonzo refused to send any of his co-principals with his condolence message which was instead read by Prof Kibwana.


Prof Kibwana insisted from the onset that he was “the true voice of Kalonzo Musyoka” and hence the official holder of the “true Kamba position”. The following are key questions and food of thoughts from the Wiper Chairman’s speech which was in Kikamba.


1. “Mwiitu museo niwendekaa muno ekesa kuthi na mundu ula ute museo. Tuleyei usu vyu nundu twina mwaana wiitu. Mwiitu wa Vaasa asungaa aswaitye sua” (a beautiful lady wooed bymany suiters gets easily confused and ends up in the hands of the wrong man. Let’s us reject the wrong man since we have our own son. A damsel from far dances under the warning and guidance of the setting sun).


2. “Akamba tulilikanei kana mwana witu nukweenda mboya. Na muimanya kana yu mivango yaitu ni ya 2022. 2022 ni lazima mwana wiitu atwike President wa nzi ino” (Kambas let us remember that our son needs prayers now. And be reminded that our plans have already started and are now geared towards 2022. In 2022, our son must become the President of the republic of Kenya.


There are 3 fundamental questions to ask here:

1. Why did the Prof insist he was the true voice of Kalonzo? Who is this other “wrong man” who should be rejected? Is Kalonzo already competing with somebody who was seated there? Why must the dancing damsel be worried and warned by the setting sun? Who is racing against time?


2. If truly Wiper is committed with NASA, why is she already aligning her Kamba support base to look into 2022? What about the current Raila activities? Which plans are those that have already started for 2022? Is there a swearing in for a Deputy who has already set up plans for the top seat in 2022?


From where the Former Machakos Senator sat with other co principals, there seemed to be reignited consultations and translations never witnessed when other speakers were addressing. Turning with every word from Kibwana, it was decipherable that perhaps the coalition is having mixed signals on the Kamba position in NASA. When Muthama was speaking about Raila’s swearing in plan’s, Kibwana’s facial expression and body language was like “kunai wia tu” (beat the horse). And what with the laughter when the Jubilee Senator revealed how “all jubilee MPs voted for Kennedy Kalonzo”. 3 He added that only “few NASA MPs denied Kalonzo Jnr votes. Did Senator Mutula Jnr have to hug him with a hearty shake downstage for “a bold speech?” What was all that about?

While it is still too early to call, things are not very fine in Raila’s farm. There is a warm attacking and devouring Raila’s ndengu farm. With the fighting of his western bulls, the creaking of the Lamu fences and the quacking in the Kamba byre, a wild animal has surely attacked that farm. As his neighbours, we can only wait if he will soon shout for our help. Anyway, it good to always mind our own business.

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