Miss Kitui County 2017 was a big flop

Patrick Koki Musau - Kitui, Sports and Tourism CEC

The #MissKitui County 2017 event held on Friday evening at Kitui County Stadium was faced up with several challenges. This came out as a result of poor event management and coordination among the key stakeholders involved in that function.

The negligence and innefficiency of the event organisers in their duties led to the massive failure of the entire event. The event was hosted at health hazardous venue at Kitui stadium where the poisonous asbestos in shipping containers are placed.

The protocol was a thing of the past during that event. The official procedures and rules were not properly laid down to govern that function even goons had their say. The event is said to have started without appreciation and acknowledgement of the proper county leadership.

The entertainment sector is said to have been under the control and supervision of the old instead of giving this great opportunity to an energetic youth.The main artist, Mejja was rudely cut short during his performance as event officials had yet another event to attend where the top performers were the famous influential top Akamba musicians Kithungo, Katombi among others.

To everyone’s astonishment Mejja was rudely ordered out of stage by the tourism CEC Patrick Koki Musau.

More over,the local artists from Ukambani were never recognized in that local event. TheLocal musicians were not invited to come and perform during that important county function. Their abscence at the event was a big blow to the event since they really attract a sizeable crowd of followers. Their fans who had attended to that function were left amazed.

Besides that, the main beneficiaries of the event are said to have come out of Kitui county.This means that the Kitui locals had nothing to term as benefits out of that event held in their own county.It is alleged that some of the main beneficiaries were imported from other counties.

Even photographers were shipped from other, a move that contradicts Ngilu’s vow not to allow outsiders to take jobs that can be done by locals.

The #MissKitui County 2017 event lacked total order and correct procedures as opposed to the previous successful ones.Lack of well laid and established procedures for the event is what led to the entire event being unsuccessful.

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