Governor Mutua brushes off anti-Chap Chap Propagandists. .


Machakos Governor, Dr. Mutua has finally defended the super rate of Masinga-Kivandini road tarmacking project which he started under his Chap Chap Ideology .

Through his official twitter account, Gov. Mutua has given out the detailed information about the various stages which have been undertaken by the engineers to tarmac this section of road.

Kenyans on twitter used their technical understanding of Chap Chap idealogy and came to his rescue by fighting the online battle .

This comes after he was attacked on various social media platforms by the propagandists who claimed that he was painting road and lying to Machakos electorates.

Mutua said that the first seal of the road was being applied at the rate of 10km/10minutes by the experienced engineers who used foreign road tarmacking technology.This formed the first layer of tarmaking which provided strong foundation for the other layer.

This bass layer sits on sub-base layer,base layer,stabilization layer,MC 30priming and 80/100 of tarmac.The second bass layer settles,then the final layer of 6/10 chippings is then applied to ensure recommended strength of the road tarmacking is achieved.This layer laid strong base for other layers.

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