Zimbabwe’s Ex-Army Chief, Chiwenga sworn in as the First and second  V.P.


The former Zimbabwe army commander who led the millitary bloodless coup to unseat former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been sworn in on Thursday 28th December, 2018 as the First Vice President, VP of Zimbabwe.

He was sworn alongside V.P Kembo Mohadi as one of the two Vice Presidents,V.P of Zimbabwe.

Hon.Kembo Mohadi is a long serving Minister of security during the reign of Mugabe and now has been sworn in as the Second Vice President of Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa will have the First and the Secind Vice Presidents under him.

“I will discharge my duties with all my strength and to the best of my knowledge and ability, “said First V.P Chiwenga during oath taking ceremony.

Chiwenga led the Zimbabwe millitary in a coup that brought to an end Mugabe regime in November 15th,2017 and brougt to power H.E Emerson Mnangagwa as the second black president of Zimbabwe since 1980.

He resigned from his top defence position early last week to assume his new duty as the First V.P if the republic of Zimbabwe.

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