NTSA is just a beneficiary of driver’s negligence, find out here


Road accidents have claimed so many lives especially this December. It has affected each one of us directly or indirectly.

What’s the main cause of road accidents in Kenya?

Let’s stop this nonsense, the road carnage is by big percentage the drivers negligence. The National Transport and Safety Authority, NTSA just like Anti Counterfeit Authority are beneficiary of negligence.

See the point here, a driver is reckless knowing that the vehicle is not roadworthy but goes ahead to carry unsuspecting passengers who are also in a hurry to get to their destination.

When the crew see the roadblocks, they quickly position the sadaka or ‘Kitu kidogo’ on the door and the officers look aside, when they get an accident there after who is to blame?

Same thing with Anti Counterfeit, the same public officers allow smuggling to happen then we form a body to look for them, whose is blame?

It can be painful but unless as individuals we are diligent and honest ,we will keep on pretending to sympathize and empathise on TV and Social media how victims require help. Yes it might happen to anyone including me but it’s no excuse to just burry our heads in the sand.

This kind of mentality should be left in 2017, the year of hypocrisy.

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