Hon. Mavusyu calls for urgent need of Game/Forest Conservation in Kitui County.


    It is a painful lose the way this land has continually been a curse to us intead of being a blessing to the local community. Lack of permanent security facilities has pushed our people from their rich grazing lands by the Somali people armed with shooting guns who invade our land and even kill our people.

    The other major challenge we face is the corruption of the strangers to pave way for charcoal burning and push the community away from this land.

    When the rest of the world is keen on investing in environmental conservation,ours is devastating.The leadership should never ignore a serious matter like this one of environmental management.

    We may learn from what we are losing by comparing ourselves with Samburu, Lamu, Meru and Maasai Mara. The size of land that we have is almost the same size to that of Masai Mara,can we even dare to compare. In the last financial year, the county government of Narok collected revenue of close to 1.5 billion from this trust land of Maasai Mara whose potential is more than double.

    In 2016 alone,the government employed more than 600 trained Rangers to take care of the animals and the forest. The government also equipped them with fire arms for their security.

    There are about 400 tourist related hotels, lodges and camps in and around Masai Mara Game Reserve. Each of these facilities mainly employs the locals in addition to paying the trade license to the county which is excluded in the 1.5 billion. Considering 20 people per unit,that translates to 800 jobs.

    The local community and Narok Government benefit a lot from the multipier effective of economic interaction with the international community.

    When we talk anything about Makaa benefits,we sound cheap and reduce ourselves to what we read in Somalia where there is a failed government.

    We need to invest and convert this land to an economic landmark.This cannot take several years to accomplish so that benefits start flowing to our Kitui County economy.

    Source; Hon. Mulaimu Mavusyu.

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