Ngilu explains how her 2017 has been.


Governor Ngilu’s message concerning year 2017.

The former Lands CS Hon. Charity Ngilu says that 2017 has been a year of blessings to her.This is after she got elected as the second governor of  Kitui county  during August General elections.

She said that Kitui electorates voted her in as the governor to permanently solve their perennial problems which they have faced for long time of water shortage, insufficient Food and to better their health care.

She added that she passed through almost every village in the county and held discussions with the locals concerning the everyday challenges they face.

This forms the the foundation of her delivery to the Kitui residents.

Hon. Nguli never forgot to mention her saddest moment when the former Kitui Municipal Council Mayor Martha Mwangangi was killed by the county fire engine when the demonstrations against kiosks demolition were ongoing.

By that time Hon. Ngilu was next to her by the time the fire fighter crushed the former Mayor. The Mayor was crushed as Ngilu watched.

The governor is determined to fully implement her five pillar manifesto she pledged to the Kitui electorates during the campaign period.

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