Chinese Government outlaws ivory trade


The Chinese government has now completely banned and illegalized the the ivory trade.China’s city, Beijing has been among the top worlds elephant ivory selling cities.


The Chinese government through the Ministry of Forestry announced the ban of ivory trade through its social media platform, Weibo.The ban also applies to the online sales and souvenirs bought from abroad.


Xinhua state news agency of China said that the earlier partial tusks ban had reduced seizure of ivory entering China significantly to about 80% whereby the raw ivory domestic prices were below 65%.


By March 2017, more than 67 ivory dealing factories and shops in China had completely shut down.This closure comes after total domestic ban of ivory trade in China last year.It is expected that the remaining 105 factories are expected to close down by the timeline given by the government.


The African ivory is highly valued in China and entire Asian continent as it is seen as status symbol.Further, it was selling at $1,100 per kilogram.


The illegal poaching has seen a great decline in the elephant population in Kenya and Africa at large.According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature,the elephant’s number has drop by 110,000 to 415,000 over the last 10 years.

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