Gov. Ngilu’s Administration targeted by the forces of Political Sealants.


The emerging “war” over the Ndengu Revolution is a clear evidence that the people of larger Kitui District have been struggling with endless poverty since the take over from the Unitary government to majimbo government as a result of forces of political sealants.

Governor Ngilu’s political opponents purport to have the facts with them but what they majorly have are the propaganda issues.Her key political “enemies” have highly criticised the Ndengu Revolution and the First Community Bank which came to realisation under her reign as the second Kitui Governor.

Under Ndengu Revolution food programme, the county government of Kitui bought 118 metric tones of green gram seeds from the Kenya Seed Company, KSC and the local suppliers within the county. In addition to that, the Kenya Red Cross under the leadership of SG Dr. Abbas Gullet donated 250 metric tones of the planting materials .

A total of 368 metric tones were equally distributed to the 184,000 households in all the 8 Districts of Kitui County.This food provision programme has already registered a high beneficial rate of 75% among Kitui residents.

KEPHIS conducted two day training to the County’s Agricultural Extension Officers and a few selected farmers from the entire county.To empower the local agro-vets,the pesticides were sourced from 40 different agro vets and suppliers from the county .

The First Community Bank has been supporting the Red Cross in this food project and had earlier promised to purchase a portion of Ndengu from the farmers upon harvesting .The only junction between First Community Bank and Kitui government is to provide link of operation between the Red Cross and Government of Kitui to pave way for the large scale commercial purposes and nothing else.

The claims about the amount of money that Ngilu’s leadership inherited from the former Gov. Dr. Julius Malombe has also been an issue raised over by her key political opponents.Some economic cartels have been down rating the speedy realisation of economic bloc in the county of Kitui by benefiting their pockets.

Gov. Ngilu took bold decision as a transformative leader to provide means of ploughing, provide seeds,provision of pesticides and acquisition of the market avenues for the produce.


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