New Stadium to be built by Kitui County Government


Kitui county government through its Tourism executive Patrick Koki, has announced plans of building a stadium that will be vital in the nurturing of talents and hosting international tourneys as well.

While addressing spectators present during the Nguna Cup final at Nguutani, the executive, commonly known as Kuvasila noted that with the county hosting several games, identification of young and upcoming talents will be made possible.

“We have talented youth who can play in international leagues,” Koki pointed out.

Kuvasila further noted that the county government would avail an Ambulance during the village tournaments so that injured participants are medically attended to fully.

“I’m urging all of us to make sure we plant trees around the fields and grass.  It’s not good for playing grounds to have rough surfaces, since players can easily be injured,” added Koki. Patrick Koki

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