Kitui county embarks on water provision to residents


Kitui county, through the ministry for Water, Agriculture and livestock, on Wednesday held a meeting with representatives from each of the 8 sub-counties with the sole aim of planning water provision strategies .

Speaking after the meeting, the ministry’s minister, Emmanuel Kisangau said that the county government already had plans underway to drill boreholes in the county. This, Kisangau said, was in light with the advertisement of proposed borehole areas that was made in December last year.

“By Friday 5th of January, we would have met with the contractors tasked with the boreholes’ project to allow the process of water mapping and further start the procurement process.” Said Kisangau.

The minister further noted that the county government would construct a number of dams in the region by end of financial year 2017/2018.

Also present during the meeting was deputy director of the Water department, Kennedy Mutati who echoed the minister’s pledge to the people of Kitui.

“We have today convened a meeting with all county commissioners together with representatives from each of the 8 Sub-counties to discuss the sourcing and supplying of water in all the sub-counties.” Mutati noted.

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