OPINION: Leaders should save Kitui from the menace of charcoal business


It’s barely 5 months since our country’s elected leaders took over  the leadership of Kitui county from Dr Malombe.

Much might have been accomplished in the past few months but the menace which  Kituians thought will be buried in the past still looms the region CHARCOAL BUSINESSES.

It is quite illogical for ukambani,which is to be a dry region with no rains or water, to be the very region from which cartels bore into for charcoal.

Kitui county leadership starting from the Governor, Senator, Women Rep, MP’s, MCA’s to the  local leaders should bring their heads together in an abid to save this county; assuming  the said leaders do not have a hand on it.

The charcoal business has picked up root in the outskirts of the larger mwingi District, Mutha where lorries ferry “our future” using the Garissa-Nairobi highway.

Question is:

“Who owns these lorries and the  business that is draining our forests daily?”

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