Somali herders in Kitui East given 10 day ultimatum to vacate

Kitui East MP, Nimrod Mbai with one of a somali shifter

Kitui East member of Parliament, Nimrod Mbai has accorded Somali herders in the area a 10-day ultimatum to vacate the region.

Speaking in the area recently, the law maker accused Somali herders of encroaching parts of Kitui East for their Carmel and asked them to vacate ‘his’ area failure to which force will be applied in equal measure.

“Sasa tunaona hatuwezi toshea hapa” said Mbai

Benjamin Nzioka, the Deputy County commissioner, told the Somali herders to leave peacefully for area residents to go back to their normal lives.

According to local residents, these shifters have paralyzed their daily operations as bee keeping has been brought to its knees. Bee farmers claim that  Carmel’s urine is unfavorable for their farming as bees flee the smell.

“Hatuwezi ingia vichakani mwetu kwa sababu wanadhani tunawavamia” Mutinda Nyumu, a local resident said which loosely translates to:

“We cannot use our forests because these people (Somali herders) think we are attacking them.”

“They are using our local transport, boda boda, by force as well as stealing from our mpesa shops” Complained yet another of Kitui residents.


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