Betrayal in Wiper as Edith Nyenze secretly visits Uhuru at statehouse.


A secret State House visit last weekend by the late Francis Nyenze’s wife, Edith Vethi has come to haunt her chances of clinching the Wiper party ticket to contest the seat held by her husband.

Mrs Nyenze was “taken to State house” on Saturday January 6th, at 10am by former Kitui senator David Musila  to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta, presumably to be condoled for her husband’s death.

Information about the visit which was planned in utmost secrecy reached top Wiper officials including party leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Friday afternoon, in what appears to be deliberate leakage by Jubilee operatives unhappy with Musila.

Behind Mrs Nyenze’s smooth innocent face lies a very arrogantly ambitious Jezebel character who will stop at nothing to achieve her plans but crafty ways have scuttled her campaign even before it is launched.

The widow who many thought she would attract sympathy vote and emerge a front runner in the race, suddenly appears to have engaged a self destructive political gear by daring to sleep with Wiper’s political enemy Jubilee.

What alarmed Wiper leaders more were revelations that the visit was actually discussed and sanctioned by the Nyenze family who gave blessings at a meeting attended by Kitui senator Kiio Wambua who is her younger brother.

A highly placed Jubilee operative, formerly close to Nasa leaders is said to have called Kalonzo and several other Wiper leaders where he shared the information to the effect that “Mama atapelekwa kuona Number One (the president) na Musila kesho saa nne).

The intelligence beforehand turned out to be true because Musila and Vethi stayed at the big house for more than two hours but what they discussed with their host remains secret. Musila has since quit Wiper and joined Jubilee.

The visit was fashioned as opportunity to be consoled by Uhuru because he did not attend the Nyenze burial but Edith seems to have failed the loyalty test even before party primaries to decide who will run to succeed her husband are held.

Edith has announced she will run on Wiper alongside Maluki Kitili, son of former minister Nyiva Mwendwa and the two are set to faceoff next week.

“It’s a terrible blunder and no one can trust Edith anymore. Worse still, she has exposed herself that she inherited the same double standards practiced by late Nyenze, where he could openly campaign for Uhuru despite being the Minority Leader” said a Wiper MP.

The MP confirmed the matter was discussed by party NEC on Wednesday where candidates were interviewed and asked what makes them think they merit the party’s trust.

Upon learning that she had been busted, Edith spent Saturday afternoon looking for Governor Charity Ngilu to secure a ticket of Narc as safe landing in case she misses the Wiper nomination.

On the other hand, she sent Kiio to sweet talk Kalonzo and instead bid for the ticket and is said to be ready to offer up to Sh20 million to buy the ticket. No one knows how much money Uhuru gave Edith.

Kalonzo who a week earlier refused to endorse Edith as sole party candidate is mad that people pretending to be loyal to him went on political scavenging spree to gather illicit money from Jubilee to influence party affiars.

A cousin of Edith who taught with him at Kyondoni girls confirmed that she is considering opting out of the race altogether fearing further disclosures of her infidelity ways. This may be a huge blessing to Maluki.

The late Nyenze was known for blowing hot and cold and never fully committed to Wiper cause and there is genuine fear that his widow may be worse. Last July, Nyenze and Musila shocked the country when they called for re-election of Uhuru.



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