Don’t sell your Ndengu at a throw away price, County Government of Kitui


Ndengu is ready for harvest, some places they’re already havesting and selling in isolated markets at a price of Ksh 50_60 per kg.

According to our spot check Ndengu is streaming into our markets at half price, Ngilu’s price.

Ndengu farmers taking their produce to the market, Kamutei

County Government of kitui through water and Agriculture CEC, Emmanuel Kisangau is urging Kitui famers to be patient as the logistics are being rolled out to purchase their produce at a price of ksh 100 per kg as promised by Governor Ngilu during campaigns and planting season.

Despite acute crop failure where most farmers have opted to uproot the maize crop to feed their livestock, Ndengu has thrived very well in most parts of Kitui county.

Ndengu farm in Kavisuni, Kitui Rural

These sentiments were echoed by Tourism, Sports and culture CEC, Patrick Koki Musau (Kuvasila) in a WhatsApp group on Thursday January 11th. He urged Ndengu farmers not to be in a rush to dispose Ndengu at a throw away price.

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