Internship Vaccancies at GoldStar Kenya.


The Gold Star Network which began on 2006 led to the establishment of the Gold Star Kenya ,GS Kenya in 2010. The primary goals for the GS Kenya was to promote intensive and quality HIV care programme in the private health sector across Kenya.


In addition to that, GS Kenya was aimed at leading the local health providers by being registered as a Non -Governmental Organization (NGO).GS Kenya is affiliated to FHI 360 to ensure proper connection and coordination between the two bodies.


The interns available are the Human Resource Intern. Location is Nairobi City at the GSK-HRI- 033.


The HR shall provide administrative as well technical support in the key HR roles including employees recruitment, employees relations,compensation, HR software, training and benefits administration. The incumbent shall be reporting to the Executive Director of GS Kenya. Shall help review continually the recruitment policy effectiveness and procedures so as to fully incorporate equity and diversity.Help in execution and formulation of HR record keeping and internal database systems for staff training.Assist in maintenance of record keeping in the organization.


Help in both national and temporary staff recruitment as well as the employment contracts.

Coordinate communication systems within employees over the assigned tasks.Organization of both internal and external employees events through E-mail and meetings. Coordinate organization employees through training and annual recruitment of the staff.


The HR officer should possess the following ;


Have ability to accurately manage and handle voluminous works without close supervision. Good communication skills both verbal and written. Capacity to research both internal and the external organization data sets. Have good communication skills within an organization.Working skills in Microsoft office suite software,Ms word,ms excel and ms PowerPoint. Have abilities to cooperate with others to work as teamwork. Fluency in English will be higly valued to the applicants.


Academic requirements.


One should have a college diploma or a degree in HR course or in Administration.

No working experience is required.

Applicants should apply through the e-mail specifying the source, and their curriculum vitae, CV .

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