Kitui South Mp in talks with NGO to boost water availabilty


    Constituents of Kitui South may soon boast of having elected an overworking Mp once a program between their area lawmaker Hon Rachael Kaki in collaboration with a local NGO grow roots.

    In light of a meeting  held on Sunday by Hon Rachael Kaki with Dr Stein of Sweden Mutomo Projects International NGO, the local residents are set to receive better education services together with ample supply of water as long as the partnership lasts.

    The lawmaker, during the meeting with Dr Stein and his family, greed to solicit funds from the national government to be channelled to the residents through projects by the said NGO.

    This partnership, is believed, will greatly boost the level of education in the region and sufficiently combat the menace of water scarcity which has been quite a headache in the Ukambani region as a whole.
    Rachael who is currently serving her second term in office after scooping an overwhelming chunk of votes in the August 8 polls has been put on the spotlight by her constituents for being an exemplary leader and solving their problems at grass root level.

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