Scores injured in Nyenze wife “bread stampede”


Scores of people were on Sunday evening injured following a stampede at a campaign rally in Kitui west addressed by the late MP Francis Nyenze’s widow Edith Nyenze.

The 7:30 pm pandemonium happened after rowdy youths forced their way out of the venue protesting against campaign freebies of bread and soda which were being issued by Mrs Nyenze’s handlers.

Mrs Nyenze had left Kauwi primary school grounds almost an hour earlier after launching her campaigns to succeed her late husband, before the impatient youths forced their way at the school gates, injuring several women in the commotion.

Police had difficult time controlling the crowds who complained that keeping people inside the school for hours to give them bread and soda was demeaning and unhygienic.

The aspirant had brought two lorries to the event, one carrying loaves of bread and the other crates of 300ml plastic sodas, for dishing out to voters after the rally.

Mrs Nyenze’s campaigners then locked the gates and asked the crowd to queue where each person was being given a full loaf and a bottle of soda, as they left the school grounds.

Ms Aphia Makasi, a grocery vendor at Kabati market said she had been injured in the commotion as she struggled to get past the jam-packed gates.

“What is the logic of keeping people here until its dark to give them bread and soda, which anyone can afford for him or herself” Ms Makasi told the KituiOnline adding she felt belittled by the politician.

Felix Mwendwa, a boda boda operator from Mutonguni ward also complained that he expected Mrs Nyenze to give them cash handouts instead and that he was disappointed for going back home empty handed.

The MP’s widow who is seeking the Wiper party ticket to run for the seat told the rally that she had learnt the political ropes for the two terms her husband served as their MP and was up to the challenge.

Mrs Nyenze who was accompanied by her young brother Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua urged the voters to elect her at the party primaries and at the main election on March 26, in order to continue with the work her husband had started.

“You know I’ve been the main pillar of my husband’s political campaigns, I promise to serve you with the same dedication he used to serve you.

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