Kitui County Government Kicks off Annual Road Work Plans.


    The Governor of Kitui County has today Monday 15th, January 2017 at Kitui Stadium launched the light grading of the dry weather roads across the 40 Assembly Wards in the county.

    Governor Charity Ngilu has promised to repair at least 1200 kilometres of road in the county to ensure fast movement of goods and services across the entire county.

    “…kindly dont fight. I’m ready to listen to your grievances and together we can find solutions,” Gov. Ngilu assured the youths.

    Ngilu also called for cooperation between the local youths and the county governance to ensure full realisation of her 5-Pillar manifesto.

    The County Department of Lands,Infrastructure and Urban Development has promised each assembly ward 30 KM graded roads before the April rains kick off. This project is aimed at opening up the rural areas to the major towns in the county so as to boost the economic activities.

    The heavy October rain has been rendering these rural roads impassable. This first phase is expected to come to completion by April. Governor Ngilu added that the second phase shall kick off immediately the rains are over. Also, she said tenders and jobs shall be given to the Kitui locals so as to create their own wealth.

    Governor Ngilu addressing county operators

    “.. by the end of this programme,the county will have approximately saved KSH. 40 Million in road works which will be channeled into other rightful uses…,” County CEC Lands,Infrastructure and Urban Development Hon. Jacob Kakundi said.

    Kakundi also cautioned the machine operators to perform to their best to ensure high standards and high quality of work.

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