Judge orders recount of Kitui Gubernatorial votes


An application by former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe to the high court seeking vote recount and scrutiny of the Kitui County gubernatorial polls of August 8,2017 has partially been granted by the Milimani  law courts.

Lady justice Pauline Nyamweya ordered that vote recount and scrutiny will only be done on 50 polling stations out of over 1400 stations in the county.

The scrutiny and recount of votes, she added, will be conducted in IEBC’s Kitui warehouses from January 23 to 28 under the supervision of Kitui Deputy Registrar.

Senior counsels Apollo Muinde , Mr Masika and Kioko Kilukumi representing Dr.  Malombe,  the IEBC  and Governor Ngilu respectively will file their findings on January 30.

The scrutiny will be on KIEMS kitts used in Kitui Gubernatorial race, forms 37As, Bs and C and recount of votes in the 50 listed polling stations.

Dr Malombe in his pettition, is seeking the nullifucation of the election of Governor Charity Ngilu, citing cases of irregularities, violence and voter bribery.

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