The Fate of Hon. Rachael Nyamai is set to be determined on Wednesday.


Kitui South legislator’s final determination of the petition filed against her is set to be determined on Wednesday 24 th January, 2017.

Hon. Nyamai emerged the victorious winner in the August 8th,2017 general elections. This came after she was announced to have garnered majority of the total valid votes which were cast across the entire vast constituency.

She by far led in that parliamentary race for Mutomo constituency against her competitors who still eyed for that legislation seat of Kitui South constituency.

The petition was filed by her competitors who said the whole exercise was mulled by election irregularities and malpractices hence the final end results could not be trustworthy.

She is praying so that The Almighty God can hear her prayer and answer it with an immediate effect. She said the following prayer to God:

God it’s so hard to wait for Wednesday’s judgement. God you know how hatd I have worked tirelessly day and night and how I have dedicated myself to work for the people of Kitui South, for this country and for you.As I wait give me courage,” Hon. Nyamai prayed.

Hon. Nyamai is hoping to retain her parliamentary seat so as to get enough time to deliver fully her manifesto whic she promised the Mutomo voters ahead of August 8th, 2017 General elections.

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