Former TV Celebrity transforms unexpectedly.


Grace Msalame,former TV Queen and presenter has finally left her mass of followers stunned. This came after she unleashed her new look unexpectedly. This fully left out her key fans and followers with an overflow of the endless questions over her new decision.

Over the past few months, Msalame has been treating herself to some spiritual growth. Eventually,She capped her self image by ditching her famously reknown hair style.She took a decision of trimming down most of her hair which made her acquire a new facial look which has so far raised numerous questions by her fans.

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The mother of two kids is now rocking with short hair which has made her look more lovelier than before. Her new photos are seen more nice ones than the past ones before she had acquired her new hair style.She may have considered to change her hair style since her style had become common among the women. This might have been the main reason behind her stern key decision.

Her new look has extended to her Instagram account. Here, her followers can see and leave their comments concerning the new facial look of their favourite TV Queen presenter.She has exploited fully her socia media platforms to express her new look to her favourites. Divergent opinions are flowing across her different social media platforms concerning her new look.

She has explained that her new look is her path purposely heading her to being a “new woman” after several years she has been undergoing physical and the spiritual transformation.

Msalame added that she is now viewing her body differently from the way she viewed it 9 years ago. This confirms that her youthful age has faded away and that she has now acquired a maturity stage of life.Her passion for music has significantly dropped over the years.

Grace Msalame is now a new woman.


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