Kitui in Kajiado county to find solutions for sand harvesting menace


Kitui County Minister for environment and natural resources Hon John Makau lead a delegation from his ministry to Kijiado County to benchmark sand harvesting management  and climate change mainstreaming on Friday January 19.

During the visit the Kitui County delegation was taken through a detailed session on how kajiado county manages its sand harvesting activities. The host county has formulated different policies like Sand harvesting and charcoal production policy.

Kajiado county Minister for Water, Irrigation, Environment and Natural resources Mrs Florence Waiganjo said her generates the highest revenue in Kajiando county with sand alone collecting 15million per month which translates to 50m a month from other collections like quarries etc.

Kajiando county has an electronic integrated sand harvesting system and they don’t go on chasing after the lorries along the rivers/roads. The system which was installed by Kenya Commercial Bank [KCB] is used to monitor tax payments of all lorries harvesting sand within the county.

The management of sand harvesting is done by organized registered SACCO’s which are based in all wards, villages and other major sand river zones, the duty of the County is to collect Tax and issue licences to sand harvesting operators.

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