Rivalry emerges between Hon. Mbai and Environmentalist Mavusyu.


Kitui East Law maker Hon. Nimrod Mbai has roasted his rival Hon. Mulaimu Mavusyu over the heated conversation concerning Governor Ngilu’s total ban of charcoal burning and sand harvesting in the entire Kitui county.

It all started when an audio of Hon. Mbai asking Governor Ngilu the practicality of her new sand harvesting and charcoal burning regularities in Kitui Professionals Chat group.

This is a group that brings together the elite if Kitui County.In this group, several Kitui county youths converge to share the various issues affecting the Kitui youth.

Responding to Hon. Mbai’s audio,the Environmentalist Hon. Mulaimu Mavusyu .His response to honourable’s audio almost spurred conflict between the two in the social media platform over whether the ban was relevant or not.

Some of the heated conversations messages that get across during the Sand and charcoal ban were.

Ben Meko: posted in the Kitui Professionals ,”sand harvesting… not well specified in the total ban…mchanga lazima tuchote.

Isaac Syengo commented : Hon. Nimrod ngunie Mulaimu mbola no mutumia wiitu.

These are just a few of the comments that came along in the Kitui Professionals Chat group.


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