Kitute slams Kitui East MP for supporting charcoal burning


Former Kitui east parliamentary aspirant, Miltonic Mwendwa Kitute slammed Kitui East MP, Nimrod Mbai for opposing Kitui’s ban on Charcoal burning and sand harvesting.

Speaking in response to Mbai’s contrary opinions on the ban that was recently imposed on charcoal burning and sand harvesting, Kitute noted that an elected leader should always provide solutions but not criticize other leaders’ decisions without alternatives.

We as a county cannot support charcoal burning at a time when the world is thinking of sustainable and Renewable green energy, it’s totally unacceptable” Kitute says.

It’s unfortunate that an elected leader heading a cdf kitty can lead his people in opposing charcoal and sand harvesting ban in Kitui “ said Kitute

According to the  former Kitui east parliamentary aspirant, Ngilu’s ban on Charcoal and Sand is to the interests of residents of Kitui.

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