Unpaid Mwingi Jubilee party agents cry foul



    By Linah Musangi. 

    Kitui, 22nd, January, 2018: Jubilee party has failed to pay its agents who observed the August and October general elections in mwingi central constituency of Kitui County.

    Over 50 agents contracted by the party in the area say that they have not been paid but quite a number of agents have been paid already.

    Led by Julius kimwele mwingi central agents’ chairman, he said that they are yet to get explanations on why they have not been paid until now.

    Priscilla munyoki says despite the very many challenges they faced during the elections as the area was a NASA zone they did all they could to make sure their preferred candidate then, was elected.

    She added that they have no plans of leaving the party because of that incident but their only issue is to be paid for the work they well did.

    Francis kithuka says they were supposed to get sh5000 for allowance and sh1000 for airtime which they are still waiting for.

    Unhappy Stephen kalui says that the money was supposed to be sent via phone thus they are troubled as they are not sure who to question for the delay.

    The urged the jubilee party to find out who was given the and why has the money not reached them yet.

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