Mwingi MCAs Reject Militia Youth Ejecting County Officials from Offices.


Several Members of Kitui County Assembly from Mwingi West constituency have condemned the activities being undertaken by the group of youths who are said to be ejecting county officials from their offices.

They were led by Thaana/Kyome county assembly law maker Hon. Alex Mwangangi.

Thanks to the leaders from the larger Mwingi area of Kitui county. Mwingi shall not be ruled by Kitui town based goons whose roles have not been fully recognized by the county due to some missing links existing in between. Let the Kitui people work since the hand outs shall never help them in achieving their set goals.

Thaana assembly ward legislator Hon. Alex Mwangangi has called for strong immediate cooperation between the Kitui Government and its various departments. He has called upon the various heads of departments to come up and come up with helpful ideas to the Kitui youths.

Thaana/Kyome member of county assembly have urged the youths to stop threatening the county officials in their offices but instead find a long lasting solution that can fully accommodate all the various segments of Kitui County which they fill should be filled.

He has also called upon the incumbent Kitui County Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu to come out and elucidate publicly much about an organization by name Kitui County Youth Movement (KCYM). Information concerning its establishment, when and why is yet unknown and hence need for revision of such to make the movement more popular and vest powers to the movement and its leaders.

He has also called up for the new election of Kitui Youths Movement to fill up the missing gaps in the existing movement governance.He has also stressed the importance of all-inclusive leadership to ensure that every part of the county gets represented in the leadership.This shall ensure unity and cooperation among the entire county youths.

In addition to that , Hon. Mwangangi called for the revision of the roles,mandates and the tasks to be undertaken by the Movement so as to minimize the conflicts with the county leadership.

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