Title deeds for Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West residents in the offing


Residents of Kiboko A, B and C ( Kibwez West) and Ngai Ndethya (Kibwezi East) settlement schemes are now closer to acquiring title deeds for their allocated percels of land and quashing ‘squatter status’.

This follows an agreement between the County Governmnt of Makueni and National Land Commission (NLC), KWS, and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for degazettement of the schemes from Kalro and Ngai Ndethya game reserve respectively.

Kalro has already surrendered 23,381 acres for Kiboko A (10,500), Kiboko B (6,909), and Kiboko C (5972). Ngai Ndethya game reserve will surrender 21,200 hectares for Ngai Ndethya, Ngiluni and Mbetwani settlement schemes.

The agreement now only awaits cabinet approval before it is effected.

Governor Kivutha Kibwana and NLC commissioner Rose Musyoka today toured the two areas to seal the agreement with residents.

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