Jubilee rubbishes claims of foul play in supporting Nyenze


By Linda Musangi

The Jubilee party through their Kitui county chairman Caxton Munyoki I have cleared  the air concerning their supporting Francis Nyenze’s wife Edith Vethi saying that the party support her on individual grounda but not because she is in Wiper party.

News of the ruling party supporting Nyenze’s wife shocked many people and raised questions.

While many wanted to know if Wiper party had joined Jubilee or the vice-versa, others claimed that the late Mp used to support Jubilee but hid himself under Wiper party, and thers claimed that Jubilee was planning to recruit Nyenze’s wife once elected.

Speaking at Mwingi in response to these allegations, Caxton told the press that this is one of the peculiar things to happen in politics where a different party can support a member of the other party fully.

Jubilee did not produce a candidate to contest for the by election simply because we saw and felt how Nyenze used to support and criticise the government as well despite being a Wiper party member He was a true citizen who could appreciate government’s projects and criticize where necessary and that’s what we want in Kenya,” said Munyoki.

Munyoki said Kenya needs politics of reason, accomodative and educative status as well. Voters must be let to know that it doesn’t mean that since a certain politician is in the opposition, he can’t raise a positive or negative issue.He thanked Maluki Kitili for accepting defeat by Vethi saying Kenya needs such people. Munyoki added that he is hopeful that Edith will win and they will support her to the end.

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