Kitui county calls for public participation in county Projects


Following a directive from the national government insisting on public participation in all processes of awarding tenders and contracts,  the Kitui County has called on residents to actively participate in the same so as to facilitate efficient service delivery.

Speaking during a meeting with school heads from Kitui County, the Kitui County Commissioner, Boaz Cheruitich noted that projects which have been commissioned in the past have been delayed or never implemented or completed on time due to cases of corruption, mismanagement, cases of contractors deserting sites and so forth.

Therefore beginning this month, the National government has directed that before any payment is made to contractors, be it for water projects, roads, electricity or any other project, we are going to involve the public. And we really call for your support so that if any project funds are being misused in the region, you let us know.” said Mr. Cheruitich.

The commissioner  further noted that transparency  will be pivotal in such cases and contracts shall be awarded on meritocracy.

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We will have a commitee based in my office which will be going around to ensure that a certificate of completion is issued before payments are made. This is meant to ensure that we complete planned projects in time and therefore we will be sharing this with the public as we move along.” the commissioner finalised.

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