Mwingi residents loot lorry ferrying charcoal in bid to stop the business


By Linah Musangi

Mwingi – 24th, January  2018: Residents of Mwingi town yesterday barricaded the Mwingi-Garissa highway and offloaded all the charcoal from a lorry ferrying the commodity from Mwingi to Nairobi, in a bid to fight illegal charcoal business which is seen as a major threat to the ecosystem in the region. The other lorries had to seek refuge at Mwingi police station to avoid facing the wrath of the angry mob.

Yesterday’s incident follows a directive which was issued by the Governor of Kitui Charity Ngilu banning all charcoal and sand businesses within the county.

Speaking to the press at Mwingi town, the group of youths who led the protest vowed not to allow any lorry ferrying either charcoal or sand to pass through Mwingi.

This has brought a new twist to the business as no one would risk their vehicles to ferry charcoal from Mwingi due to the threats posed by the group of the youths.

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