Magistrate frees two vehicles arrested while transporting charcoal


By Linah Musangi


Mwingi law courts’ Resident magistrate Grace Kirugumi today freed two vehicles attached to the nation media group after they were intercepted at Nguutani roadblock near Mwingi town, filled with bags of charcoal.

During the mentioning of the charges facing the drivers of the two pick ups,  Magistrate Kirugumi said that she won’t prefer any charges against the two,  as the details in the charge sheet were defective.

The magistrate left it to the county government enforcement officers to consider re-arresting the two vehicles afresh and develop a proper charge sheet before any charges could be preferred against them.

However, stand off ensued between Nguutani police officers and Kitui county enforcement officers after the two vehicles were immediately re-arrested immediately the court proceedings were over.

The police were tipped by the locals in Sosoma where the nation media group workers were loading the charcoal.  After they left Sosoma, residents called the police to alert them While  they were headed to Nairobi after dropping the newspapers in Garissa.

County enforcement officer David Muthami said they were at Nguutani when they got a call from  the locals in Sosoma and with the help of the police, arrested the two pickups.

“When we tried to stop them they removed Nation newspaper and started showing us the newspaper from the pickups windows. They were resisting to open the pickups but finally they had to after we took them to police station,” added Muthami.

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