Mutomo residents express their endless joy one day after Nyamai’s victory was upheld.


The local residents of Kitui South/Mutomo Constituency have continued to congratulate their area MP Hon. Rachael Nyamai after her 8th August 2017 win was upheld by Kitui High Court yesterday.

They are now happy and eager to benefit from the Hon. Nyamai’s manifesto which she promised them during the campaign period ahead of August 2017 General elections. They are expecting her to tackle perennial water shortage, poor roads,insecurity, Food production ,Health,Better education and women and youth empowerment.

This came one day after the Kitui high court validated the victory of Hon. Nyamai. Her close competitor had filed a case in the court challenging her win on grounds of incredibility, unfairness and full of election irregularities.

Among the key expectations the local residents have include the tarmacking of Kibwezi -Kitui road. This is one of her pillar projects which she promised to the Kitui voters during the campaign period.

According to the affected locals, the Chinese company on the site has been faced by several series of challenges including slow compensation process and full of conman ship. Now, her people urge her to come in and intervene for them about the successful completion of the project.

In one incident, the company crushed a huge rock belonging to an unamed family. This was done without prior agreement between the company and the family over the compensation process.The family now wants immediate compensation from the company based on tonage as opposed to the fixed value proposed by the Chinese Company.

I want the Chinese to come out and do proper compensation to the rock,” Caleb says.

The extraction of the rock is said to have began June 2017. The Chinese contractor had earlier promised to make full compensation to the affected family but the promise never came true up to date.

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