Devolved Unit of Kitui : Kitui East Lawmaker set to obtain court order blocking Commercial charcoal ban.


Kitui East MP Hon. Nimrod Mbai set to obtain Court order blocking sand harvesting and commercial charcoal transportation ban.

Mutitu lawmaker Hon. Nimrod Mbai has indicated that very soon he shall be going to law courts to challenge the charcoal transportation ban in Kitui county.

In the past few weeks,the county government of Kitui outlawed large scale sand harvesting and commercial charcoal burning in the county.Since the issuance of that order by the incumbent Kitui Governor H.E Charity Ngilu,the charcoal traders have been undergoing difficulties in their work.

The ferrying of charcoal from one town to another has now been hindered by the road blockades in search for whether there could be illegal transportation.In addition to that,Hon Mbai has added that up to now there is no any law or rule that grants the county officials to arrest anybody conducting the commercial charcoal business as well as the sand harvesting.

The legislator has also called upon the county leadership to revisit their idea and put into consideration the means of livelihood and survival for the affected ones. He noted that many people depend on these two businesses to bring to the table their daily bread.

Devolved Unit of Kitui is faced by numerous challenges like hunger since the farmers have nothing from their farms to depend on hence they have to seek an immediate alternative to make their lives.

The area Member of National Assembly has given the county government of Kitui an ultimatum of 2 days to revoke the order immediately if not so he shall be heading to court in an attempt to seek a court order blocking the ban.

Last week Hon. Mbai and his counterpart from Kitui South Hon. Rachael Nyamai higly disagreed with that idea of permanent ban of sand harvesting and charcoal burning.

However, the Kitui Governor H.E Ngilu altered the policy.She legalized the charcoal burning to the Kitui residents and hence no outsider should conduct such business in Kitui Devolved Unit.

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