Kitui County Legislator confirms Raila’s “swearing-in” still in place.


Kitui Women Representative Hon. Dr. Irine Kasalu has confirmed that the “swearing-in” of NASA leader Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga is as planned.

She confirmed that come Tuesday 30 th January, 2018 the ceremony shall kick of as earlier stated to swear-in Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka as the “people’s president “and “Deputy “of the “people’s Republic of Kenya.”

She spoke these today Saturday 26 th January, 2018 during the burial of the late Kilonzo Kasungu at Kitungati village Mbitini Assembly Ward in Kitui Rural constituency.

Kasalu has also added that all the communities in the republic of Kenya are equal and hence no particular ones that should always assume the top leadership of this great nation of Kenya.

On matters concerning women empowerment, Hon. Kasalu has urged the women to come out and form their own associations as one way of bettering their everyday means of livelihood. The formation of women SACCO’S and othet Self Help Groups are key to fostering women empowerment economically.

She did not fail to mention about the plight of physically challenged persons in the society. Kasalu has clarified that her office shall work towards ensuring the physically challenged get access to the quality education like other children.

The County Legislator also called upon the Kitui women to come out and fight for their positions in the modern society so as to fully realise the societal development in their rural communities.

Kasalu has added that her office shall set aside money to fund the education of the physically challenged and children from the poor families in Kitui who cannot get an access to basic education.

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