Hon. Rachael Nyamai raises an alarm over invasion of Somali herders in Kitui.

Kitui South MP, Hon. Rachael Kaki Nyamai

On Sunday evening, Kitui Professionals Chat, a WhatsApp Group comprising the elites from Devolved Unit of Kitui had a fruitful and a constructive discussion concerning the Somali herders and their camels in Kitui East/Mutitu and Kitui South/Mutomo constituencies of Kitui county.

In the last few weeks, Hon. Mbai of Kitui East had given the Somali herders a 10 day ultimatum to vacate the area if not so they could face forceful evacuation from the area.

The discussion got better when the Mutomo legislator Hon. Rachael Nyamai posted that she was in total support for “Ngamia” ban in the lower parts of the vast Kitui County.

“I support total ban on ngamia,” Hon. Nyamai posted. A move that saw total support of  Yoana, Kituku, SecGen,Sir John, Popo and General among others. All these welcomed the parliamentarian idea with two hands. They viewed the idea as the only move to ensure a long lasting peace in the area.

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Hon. Nyamai confirmed that she had made an agreement with Kitui East lawmaker Hon. Nimrod Mbai that Kitui residents should live peacefully.

“We have a deal with Hon. Mbai.I need more men around me too,” Hon. Kaki Nyamai says.

Kitui East MP, Nimrod Mbai with one of a somali shifter

“We dont care who owns these camels.If you know the owners inform them that we shall be pushing them out soon.I only care about my people. My people do not own a single camel,” the Legislator added.

The local residents were told to get ready and prepare to go to the bush in an attempt to push out the Somali invaders.

Kitui Central constituency leadership was not left behind.Miambani Assembly Ward legislator Hon. Alex Nganga had his crazy solution.

“Next time dont chase them away, slaughter and feast on them” Nganga posted

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