Shame to Kitui Local Administrators over Interference to Social Care Fund for Aged.


Musya Muinde is an elderly from Mithini village Tulia area in the slopes of Mutonguni Hills.This Mzee lives here in her desolated home with his own wife since he has nowhere to go due to his old age.

Muinde is one of the beneficiaries of the Jubilee Government Social Protection plan which offers the social care and protection to the elderly in the society. Early last year,the incumbent Jubilee leadership under H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy H.E William Ruto launched this plan.

Through this plan,each of approximately 454000 elderly Kenyans aged 65 years and above receive 2000 KSh monthly.Mzee Muinde has recently received his total of 10,000 which had accumulated for a period of 5 months.

Immediately I received the amount, the head man accosted as I left the venue.The administrator demanded some share so as to ease the” follow up” of the remaining lot.” the elderly Muinde confirmed.

The elderly confirmed that Munene wanted the amount.

To the old Muinde,the local administrator meant bribe as per his own understanding.However,Muinde confirmed that he was more than willing to part with sizeable amount of the cash he received so as to enable him receive the next share.

About a kilometer away is Mwende Mutemi’s homestead. She has still undergone the same story about the local administrator as with Muinde.

No sooner had I taken my share from the Post Office than I was accosted behind the shops by the two village head men. They said each was supposed to give out a share to enable the release of the remaining KShs. 6000.” she said.

Further, Mwende clarified that she was cautioned if she fails to give out the amount,her name shall nolonger appear in the cash transfer list from the office of the local area boss.This threatening made her part with KShs. 5000 for the area boss,KShs. 500 for local administrator and 50 Kenya Shillings for the delivery.

Kavila Kavili who is the closest neighbour to Mwende. Her eldest son,Mulyungi confirms and testifies that her aged mother to have undergone the same mistreatment by the local administrators.

Mulyungi confirmed that the administrator snatched a total of 6,000 KShs from his mother and from madam Ndaa Muisyo.Each gave 3,000 to the “big man” who heads the area.

The area Chief Tito Muthangya confirmed that he has never been involved in such inhuman behaviour. He added that he has never heard of such claims of the elderly being mistreated by the local administration.

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