Mutooni Crusades to Phase out Witchcraft and FGM in Kitui.


Female Genital Mutilation and the Witchcraft are some of the retrogressive African Cultural African practices that were in place long time ago before the Westernization of the then “Dark ” African Continent took place in the late 18th Century and early 19 th Century.

Mutooni, a controversial online user has left many astonished after he gave out what he termed as the long lasting solution to the ill practice of witchcraft and retrogressive cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation, FGM in Kitui county.

Mutooni posted a voice note in Ukambani Political Forum, a WhatsApp group that he had the permanent solution to this menace which if well applied can eradicate these societal ills permanently ie killing them.

Mutooni posted that, “Killing these people is the best way to eradicate this vice in Mwingi West and Kitui county.”

His sign out of “God bless, Ngai amwathime” was not left out

Ukambani Political Forum

Ukamba Political Forum is a group that primarily focuses on Akamba politics. The group brings together people fron different parts of the vast Ukamba Region giving them a good chance to share their ideas and give out their divergent opinions concerning the modern day leadership. In addition to that,the forum enables the Ukamba elite to shape today and the future of Ukamba Zone by airing and articulation of Ukambani challenges.

Female Genital Mutilation, FGM 

FGM is an old practice that was done by most of the African communities long time ago before the arrival of the White Men and their Western civilization to the then “Dark” African continent .However, some communities have never ceased from this practice since they still hold their ancestral beliefs that a girl is immature until she undergoes FGM.

To these communities, FGM is the final stage that marks the end of childhood and a transition point to adulthood. It’s after this traditional cultural ceremonial practice that a girl is allowed to get married.These communities still are attached to the ancestral roots and have fully rejected the Westernization.

Mutooni urged all the residents of Kitui to team up together and campaign against Witchcraft and FGM. He said together these social vices can be done away with within a period of at least 6 months if all the people get determined to phase out the vice from their region.

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