Mwingi leaders condemn the attempted attack at Kalonzo’s residence


By Linah Musangi

Mwingi professional and business community has condemned the act of bombing Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s home on Tuesday night.

Mwingi professional coordinator Campel Munyambu on Wednesday told journalist in Mwingi that the act is awkward and those involved should be ashamed of their act. Said he has known Kalonzo as a God fearing person and that maybe that’s the reason why they didn’t succeed in their mission of terminating him.

” They knew very well that Kalonzo’s wife Pauline is sick yet they hurl a grenade at his home as well as spraying bullets.? Where have they buried their humanity?. It’s disturbing to see the government consider a leader less important. Where is their respect for our leaders. Kalonzo is known for peacekeeping,” riled Munyambu.

He expressed his fears on what the government is up to after it started by withdrawing his security team on Tuesday to prevent him from attending the swearing in event. Munyambu added that Kalonzo together with Mudavadi and Musalia were hindered from attending the ocassion.NASA leader Raila Odinga defended him publicly saying Kalonzo will be sworn in later.

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After Kalonzo’s absence yesterday , Kenyans overreacted calling him a coward, saying he is finished politically, he ran away from the swearing in and other types of insults. Munyambu called upon them to stop the blames since they didn’t know what transpired for him to miss such an historical event in Kenya.

He termed him as a very strong man and urged Kambas to be strongly supporting their leaders.


He said despite yesterday’s happenings, Kambas are solidarily in NASA and no quiting since the Jubilee government is trying all means possible to see that NASA is disunited. He added that Raila’s swearing in as people’s president is highly welcomed and he should move fast and form his cabinet.

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